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About Ghita

Redlands only Exclusive Reformers Studio

Ghita was born and raised in South Africa.  From a young age she was picked to compete in gymnastics which sparked her love for being fit and strong. After an injury at six years old she chose a less taxing form of fitness and expression – ballet! Starting her journey as a ballet dancer proved harder than she knew.  The injury had robbed her of hip extension as well as a spinal spur that stopped her back flexibility in the lower lumbar.  Pushing through knowing the stage as being one of the best would not be hers as she was being prepped for an associate’s degree in ballet. She achieved her degree in 1990 with distinction which resulted in her love to teach was born. 

As an out-of-shape housewife after two children in 2002, I took a day to see what the local health expo was all about having no idea I would find my calling that day. I came across the pilates reformer.  “Jump on!” she said, “Do not be afraid it's for everyone shape, size, or age.” I fell in love in seconds. I took a few very pricey classes and realized I wanted to do this for life, but my budget will not allow me. My instructor never corrected me and when I asked her why she answered, “you have perfect form” then the idea was born--to study the method and make it affordable for the public.  This is when the studio in Big Bear was started in 2003; hence, the name “altitude.”

Her teacher of ballet, Patricia Lamond, was a well-read and published author of the Pilates method was Ghita's guide for two decades.  Ghita holds a high regard of form and freedom of expression all due to her classical training.Ghita’s training was completed at the John Garey Fitness and Pilates school in San Diego.  This school is well known and respected in the Stott method. Ghita continues her education to bring things as she calls it to the buffet table of smart, safe, and educated exercise.

Over a decade of teaching resulted in amazing results from doing rehab to personal training with many clients which included the young and more mature bodies.  Ghita is in love with her calling and the love of receiving back from her clients. She will never be a franchise or the client just a number; it stays personal.

I am now more flexible and stronger in my 40s than I was in my late 20s—true fact! If only someone had brought this to my attention earlier I would have not suffered so badly with all my injuries.

This is your time, let me carry you for what you deserve--BALANCE.

I will make you laugh and shed a frown off your brow.  You will have your days of dragging your
overwhelmed-self of life into the studio. Just know 80% of your success is just showing up.  Let me guide you and take you to a step above where you are today.  Come join the family!  ~Ghita