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Intro/ education
This is an extra class offered if you have no pilates experience or reformer experience. This class is more based on a workshop, to give you the tools on what pilates is, how the reformer works. You will also learn about body functions of the major pilates principals that need to be applied during a group class. This class can be taken several times, even if you are already taking class, always something new to learn. Great for beginners, and active students.

ReformersAll Levels
This class is put at ( all levels ) as people have limited time schedules to attend classes that are very specific . When you sign up for an all level class the instructor will modify the class, and mold it as best as possible to everyone that is in that class, from beginner to more seasoned. Please advise your instructor the day of your class if you have any issues, concerns, as injury happens to all. This will be taken into thoughtful care to make sure your practice is enjoyable .

Semi-Private or Private Lessons
One-on-One or class with a friend or two can be scheduled to accompany your schedule, medical conditions, etc. These classes are not to be held during group classes, and times would have to be discussed with your trainer.

Class Descriptions