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Who is Joseph Pilates? And what is Pilates? 

Joseph H Pilates was born in Germany in 1880. He was a man plagued with asthma and rickets as a child.  His determination to strengthen his frail and sickly body was when he started his self-exploration of the journey he called the β€œart of contrology.” The Pilates method was born and taught to help his fellow man during World War I when the deadly influenza epidemic hit in 1918 keeping those that follow his method into a state of mental health and body. His method has now touched people since 1926 from Martha Graham to George Balanchine, used by dancers to the frail, as well as the injured and top athletes.

Now in a time where the fitness industry is tripping over itself to create new innovative trends, the Pilates method stands alone with more than nine decades of success.  The Pilates method and philosophy focuses on training the balance of body, mind, and overall wellness.
It stands out as a tried-and-true formula of wisdom with unwavering results.

Our old exercise regimes are failing us for another reason.  They are based on isolating muscles and working each area of the body individually rather than treating the body as the integrated whole that it is.  The poor physical condition many of us are in today comes from the imbalance of engaging in complicated and inefficient exercises that isolate certain body parts while neglecting others.


Help as a normal condition it is a duty not only to attain but to maintain it. ~ Joseph H Pilates

Designed to give you suppleness Grace and skill that will run mistakingly reflect in the way you walk the way you play in the way you work. ~ Joseph H Pilates

 A man is only as young as his spinal cord. ~ Joseph H Pilates

​ Pilates develops the body uniformly corrects wrong posture restores physical vitality and invigorates the mind And elevate the spirit. ~ Joseph H Pilates


History of Pilates

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